Comprehensive ExaminationsA head to tail exam targeting ears, eyes, skin and teeth. Includes a nail trim and anal gland expression when possible.

Annual BloodworkThis is one of the best ways to detect internal problems before they become a major issue. We recommend a blood test yearly especially for senior pets.

Internal Parasite ScreeningCommonly called a fecal exam. This is a microscopic exam of the feces checking your pet for worms. We will need a small fecal sample to perform this test.

Dog and Cat Vaccinations Core vaccines such as DHPP, Rabies, Lyme, Bordetella and Influenza for dogs. FVR-CP (feline distemper), Rabies, and Leukemia for cats

MicrochippingA permanent identification for your cat or dog. A small chip is inserted under the skin. Each chip has a number that is registered with the company who makes the chip.

Heartworm TestingThis important yearly test should be performed yearly. Results are done in the mobile clinic with the results within 15 minutes.

Allergy ManagementMedications are available to give your cat or dog relief from constant scratching. Scratching can lead to skin damage and secondary infections.

Pain ManagementMedication is available which allows your dog to move more freely and without pain.

Flea and Tick PreventionWe carry most major brands of flea and tick prevention. Flea and tick medication is also available on our
on-line pharmacy.

Minor SurgeryThis includes small growths that can be removed quickly so that hospitalization is not needed. This also includes lacerations and ear hematomas.

EuthanasiaEnd of life services are available with referral to local cremation and/or burial services.

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